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Richard Corcoran Campaign - Florida
Description: We were honored to be asked to be a part of Richard's campaign.  We build a website with donation forms, newsletter management, and a complete backend CMS (content management system) to allow Richard's campaign staff to be able to edit the entire website easier than sending an email.  The admin can upload new videos, add images, change text, and more, all using a simple CMS admin panel that comes standard with most of our websites.
MyDNCPhotos - Colorado - Colorado
Description: This was a fun project that finished just short of $10,000 in which a user is able to upload their image, have other users rate/vote on their image, and win contests and prizes based on participation.  The final contest winners will have the honor of having their photos published in a book!  The website also contains a custom blog using the Probama theme.
Giant Promotions - Florida
Description: Rod from Giant Promotions approached my firm to develop a website that would compliment their business.  We decided on an eCommerce website using OSCommerce as the base, and adding a CMS to it as well.  Rod, with no previous website experience, is able to upload new products, accept orders, and change his content and images on his website whenever he feels the need. Click here to view their testimonial.
Air Charter Guru - Plano, TX
Description: Air Charter Guru initially wanted simple search engine optimization, but we recommened an entire site redesign.  This website is now incredible - it has a built in CMS to manage over 200 pages of content, air vendors are able to sign up and post daily aircraft, and users are able to receive daily emails with the new aircraft listings.  Now, this website is number 1 on Google for their search terms, has hundreds of new visitors a day, and sends out thousands of automated aircraft listings a day.
The Dani Lynn Show - Massachusetts
Description: Dani Lynn heard about us through a friend, and needed a re-design of her radio talk show page out of Boston, MA.  We were pleased to present her with a website which would allow her to connect to her listeners, upload new shows, give publicity to her follow networkers, and manage her feedback all from one great CMS (content management system).  Click here to view their testimonial.
J2 Partners - Montclair, NJ
Description: This website is a Joomla website and also has a Wordpress blog under the blog section.  Wordpress and Joomla combined create a powerful backend CMS that allows the owners to control every function of the website easily and quickly.  There are also poll modules, testimonial modules, and analytic modules that make this website an absolute hit with the client.
Deep South Boxing - Midland, NC
Description: Another Joomla website with quite a bit of custom functionality.  The owners wanted to be able to upload images and add them to a photo gallery that could not easily be stolen, and we made it all happen with Joomla and some custom code. - Chico, California Custom
Social Networking Website
Description: is a custom social networking website for a town in northern California called Chico.  This website has a custom calendar application, custom profile, profile skins, etc.  Click here to view their testimonial.
Redeemer Presbyterian Church - Inverness, Florida
Description: Redeemer Presbyterian church needed a new website, and here it is!  Complete with the ability to upload videos and content, this website was a blast to build.  Every image on the website, including the header and the side images on the "inner" pages, are all managed through the content management system.  They can change the entire look and feel of their website with the click of a mouse!
Cornerstone Baptist Church - Inverness, Florida
Description: Cornerstone is setting up in a brand new building - and they needed a brand new website to go along with their new image.  We developed a custom CMS (content management system) so that they are able to edit everything on the site - including the events, general content, and even the flash images and banner ads rotating on the home page! - Post Falls, ID
Free One Year Bible
Description: was contracted to create a website in which a user can sign up and keep track of their bible readings.  The ultimate goal is to read through the entire Bible in 365 days.  It has audio and text readings with the option to print and it will automatically save your place.
Cornerstone Choir Website - Inverness, Florida
Description: Cornerstone Baptist Church was so happy with their church website that they came back for more fun.  They wanted a website to communicate directly with their choir and worship teams, and be able to give the upcoming song lists and have their teams listen and play the songs.  The CMS allows for easy upload of MP3 files and new content, and this website was a blast to build!  We built this entire application for under $500!
Custom Wordpress Theme - France
Custom Wordpress Theme from France
Custom Wordpress Theme
Description: Synergy75 was contracted to provide a custom Wordpress theme for a company out of France.  This uses the absolute latest Wordpress version and 5 custom widgets installed.
IonLife - Nevada
Description: Description: IonLife needed a very elegant website to sell it's high-end product off of.  It uses the latest in technology and incorporates a system to allow it's products to be tracked directly via QuickBooks. This was a fun and challenging project. - Colorado
Description: Programa-Amanecer was a simple development project that Synergy75 donated to a non-profit organization from Colorado.  They needed an elegant website that portrated trust and understanding from their viewers.  Click here to view their testimonial.
CAST - Florida
CAST Creative Agency
Description:  Cast needed a simple website that could be easily added to and upgraded. They use the latest technology for their CMS and have a very unique designs. The smoke-like texture in the background gives the viewer a thought of "wisdom."
Simple Landing Page - Nevada
Simple Landing Page - Nevada
Simple Landing Page
Description: One of our clients needed a simple landing page for a web promotion they were putting out. What we did was help them create a page in which the traffic to this landing page simply directs users to their website.
Redfish Technologies - Florida
Redfish Technologies - Florida
Redfish Technologies
Description: Synergy75 was contracted to provide a simple 5 page brochure website for a client in Punta Gorda, Florida.
Danielle Lucido Life Coach - Massachusetts
Danielle Ludico
Custom Joomla Theme
Description: Synergy75 was contracted to provide a custom Joomla theme for a life coach company out of Massachusetts. - Florida
Custom Wordpress Theme
Description: Synergy75 was contracted to provide a simple and easy to use Wordpress theme for an internet marketing firm. - CT
Description: Synergy75 was contracted to provide a simple and easy to use website which connects brides with professionals for their special day.  Click here to view their testimonial.
TheWishNetwork - Hudson, OH
Description: This client has it on his heart to change the world.  We were contracted to build a website in which people can sign up, register for a "wish," and have other users sign up and grant these wishes.  Wishes are in categories such as cash, education, hobbies, transportation, and more! Click here to view their testimonial.
Epic Slant Header - Alexandria, KY
Description: Adam was not happy with the header for his website, and approached us to re-design the header. Click here to view their testimonial.


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