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Synergy75 is not satisfied with the status quo.  Because of this, we take our design process one step forward - we offer unlimited design changes during the design process. The way we see it, your website not only belongs to you, but it represents you and your business!  No one can ever display or describe your business better than you.

We have worked very closely with each client to ensure that we are using the most effective processes and systems possible. At the end of each project, each client is asked to fill out an optional sales survey and an optional overall customer satisfaction survey.  The results of these two surveys have gone on to be the foundation of our systems.

Although each client is different, here are the general steps we tend to follow:

  1. Discovery
    • Clients explains their needs
    • Synergy75 will give an estimate
      • If a budget is approved, we ask for 30% deposit on the project
      • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal
    • A digital contract is signed
    • The client is asked to fill out our Design Concept Form
    • An account is created via our project management system which allows you to communicate directly with the designer, upload relevant files, view the status on your project, view any upcoming milestones related to your project
  2. Design
    • After we receive your Design Concept Form, contract, and a deposit has been received, you will receive your first design "mock up"
      • A mock up is a JPEG image of our proposed design concept
    • You have unlimited changes to this mock up - we are not satisfied until it portrays you and your business accurately
    • Once the design has been approved, we ask for another 20% deposit
  3. Coding
    • Depending on the project, we will then create a "shell" version of your website
      • The "shell" version is a blank website with no content in which you can edit your text via your content management system (CMS) or work out any "bugs" and request additional features
    • You have 7 days to review your shell version
    • After you are satisfied, we will invoice for another 20%
  4. Completion
    • During the completion phase, we will upload your "shell" version to a live domain name, which will be your "go-live" date
    • From there, we help you add content, make last adjustments, and finish the project
    • The client is asked to fill out the sales survey as well as the overall customer satisfaction survey
    • We will invoice for the final 30%
  5. After Sales Service
    • Our excellent customer service doesn't stop after we finish your project!
    • Even after the completion of your project, we will provide free technical support that covers all of our coding or designs
    • Should something go wrong, we will make sure that your website is up and running in no time
    • You will receive a sales, service, and process survey that asks you to fill out how you felt about our service
    • This survey will help us to keep up to date with the changing needs of our clients, and also help us to create products and services that better suit your needs


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